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September 1, 2021

Franchisee Q&A: Jerrell Nelson

• Fajita Pete’s – Spring franchisee

• 25+ years in supply chain management 

How did you become interested in franchising?
I’ve always had an entrepreneur’s spirit and wanted to own my own business. Shortly after Hurricane Harvey, we ordered takeout from Fajita Pete’s. My wife actually noticed the signs that franchising was available. After speaking with Joey, I was very interested because I like the food and the brand. He was friendly and answered all of our questions. From the beginning it just sounded like a good business to venture into. 

What were you looking for in a franchise? 

I was looking for a close-knit relationship with a franchise because I know that the restaurant industry was something new to me. I knew there was a lot to learn, so I knew having a good relationship with other franchisees and corporate would give me the best opportunity to be successful.

What stood out about Fajita Pete’s? 

The fajitas sold me first. I didn’t know at the time, but of course now I know that everything is truly, freshly made—from the tortillas to all of the sides. I know that it’s fresh and it’s good and it’s real. I love it. 

It’s the recipes. They’ve put a lot of heart and soul and thought into the recipes and you can definitely taste it in every bite. It’s made with love! 

Ticket size

Of course, larger tickets means less work for a bigger reward. Our first large ticket was a large church, an order for a men’s ministry of about 700 people. It was such a large order that we actually called in for some help from other locations. But all tickets matter! They all add up.r! They all add up. 

What has been your experience with the corporate team? 

Initially, when I decided to purchase my buildout, I had to leverage their expertise and knowledge. They helped me understand the costs and what it would take to make money—how to deal with everything from my employees, to customers and reviews.

I’ve had ups and downs as a business owner. When I was short-staffed, corporate even helped me with staffing. 

If I have questions, I can ask. If I need something, they can provide it. 

They provide resources that they have already vetted, and those are the resources that help us be successful. 

What are your goals with Fajita Pete’s?

I would love to open up another store or possibly two more if the time is right. Fajita Pete’s is my future. For me and my family, that’s my plan for my retirement.  

What advice would you give to someone looking for a franchise? 

Look for something that you can get into with low costs and great rewards. 

What are the benefits of franchising with Fajita Pete’s? 

Franchises are successful because so much of the work has already been done to help you be successful. I see it daily. I’m not having to go out every day and look for ways to save on costs. In terms of marketing, they are doing it at a higher level, which reduces the work that the franchisees have to do. 


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